The role of photography in Galician art. Photo books in Galicia since 1980

Enrique Lista

From 6 to 7:30 pm

Centro Federico García Lorca


Enrique Lista will explain the role of photo books and photography editions (especially fine art photo books) in Galician art for the last three decades. He will analyse cases that fall into two different axes. Within the time or historical axis, he will establish a contrast between the different kinds of photography books that can be found in Galicia mainly until 2000 —paying close attention to the work done by the publishing house of Centro de Estudos de Vigo— and some recent initiativesdealing with photography —such us the bookshop and publishing house Dispara or the publishing projectFabulatorio—. The other axis, the one which focuses on authors, will help locate cases, contrasts and links among the books made by photographers, those developed by artists who use photography or the ones that were built on the basis of the work of the only historical photographer that, within the Spanish context, has successfully reached the position of contemporary art and photography: the Galician-born VirxilioViéitez.